If I could take 3 things to a desert island the first would probably be a to-do list, closely followed by a laptop and a wifi connection to make sure that I could get through it with maximum efficiency.


There’s another side to me though, one that is calm, one that is grateful, one that makes time to watch old movies, one that uses the good china simply because it’s Wednesday, one that makes sponge cake from scratch even though I could have a shop bought one in my kitchen for a total investment of 15 minutes and $3.95. She’s the person that I want to be more of the time. She’s the one that knows there is no achievement greater than being completely content in the present moment and truly knowing the beauty that lies in the little things. She’s the one that manages an inner smile even though there’s a queue of 547 people waiting for a single bank teller who hasn’t smiled since 1973 and there isn’t even any chocolate. She’s a soldier of beauty.

I decided to write about my quest to find her since I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not the only one looking.



I really hope that we can inspire each other to make life a little bit more beautiful one family recipe, one silly YouTube video, one garden bed or one obnoxious (but oddly fascinating) photo of someone’s breakfast at a time.