Is it just me or is there still something deliciously defiant about doing the things you were never allowed to do as a child? (Simultaneously if at all possible.)

It was for this reason that I was morally obligated to host a cartoon, pyjama and breakfast cereal party.

Antique Spoons

There were three rules;

1. You must dress down
2. You must prepare a favourite cartoon
3. No sensible cereal allowed

To make matters even worse for our respective dentists I found some great cereal-related recipes for both a fruit loop slice and chocolate crackles! Making those was a deliciously crunchy trip down memory lane.
(I’ll make sure to include the recipe in a future blog post.)

Chocoalte Crackles

It was a morning of many stages. We experienced much excitement, followed by dizzying sugar highs, then sleepiness, mopiness, grumpiness and finally, acceptance.

HannahReigan and Sharon

In conclusion, it isn’t sensible, but you should definitely try this at home.