Few things are more satisfying than finding cheap ways of feeling expensive.

In my experience, it often comes down to treating yourself like you’re on holiday when you’re not (even if you’ve only got 15 minutes to spare…)

Here are 5 of my favourite little stay-cation rituals.

Aesop Champagne Shower

1. Champagne showers:
Why should people in spa pamphlets and hotel advertisements have all the fun? Taking a glass of bubbles (or a sexy mocktail) into the shower can turn a daily chore into a spa experience.

2. Using the good china – simply because it’s Wednesday:
Bring out the silverware, the fussy teapot, the cloth napkins – make dinner an event!

Sandwhiches Tarts Strawberries

3. Let’s take this outside:
Why not take lunch on the road? Everyone loves a picnic and escaping with some food (even if you only make it to the other side of the road) can feel quite cheekily decadent.

Colour Coordinated Wardrobe

4. Rainbow collection:
It sounds fastidious, but hang your clothes in colour order. For some, inexplicable reason it does make them seem much more impressive and there’s nothing like starting the day by going shopping in your own wardrobe.

Ikea Strandmon Armchair

5. Meditation Vacation:
However it works for you, the luxury of closing your eyes and being in the moment for a couple of minutes seems to make the whole world shiny and new when you open them.