One of my very favourite things about heading to the Snowy Mountains in July is our now three-year-old tradition of stopping by the Bredbo Christmas Barn for an ever-entertaining game of, “What… on earth…. is that?”

The Bredbo Christmas Barn, in case you’re wondering, is where Christmas hides out during the off season until Santa finalises his contract with Coles and Woolworths sometime in mid September. It’s kind of how I imagine the inside of a genie’s lamp would look during the festive season.

Bredbo Christmas Barn

Competition for this year’s “Oh-no-you-broke-Christmas!” award was fierce and it was hard to pick a clear winner.

There were decorative fish clearly native to coastal areas just off the Jersey Shore…

Reginald D. Birdman, the cheerful Christmas pimp….

Stalker the Elf who spends all year making toys for all good little girls and boys… out of things he ‘found’ in your garbage bin…

Some Frankensteinian creations clearly made up of leftover pieces of other things; somewhat like the parfait of decoration…

Bredbo Christmas Barn Baby OctopusBredbo Christmas Barn Pig

Donnie Darko’s first nightmare….

Bredbo Christmas Barn Rabbit

The secretary that Rudolph nearly made a ‘mistake’ with at the office dress up Christmas party…

Bredbo Christmas Barn Reindeer

The Australian Mr. Universe formalwear category…

Bredbo Christmas Barn Swimming Man

And, finally…. the grand champion. I’m not sure what this is but I’m certainly glad it made an effort.

Bredbo Christmas Barn Chicken

So, having purchased my souvenirs, it was time to hit the road again. Until next year, Bredbo.

If you’re ever in the area, you must promise me that you’ll visit because every time someone drives past the Bredbo Christmas Barn without stopping… a fairy loses its dorsal fin.