They say romance is dead (by now you probably already know my stance on bringing it back) so imagine my delight when a friend organised a night away for a group of us and it turned out that we were staying here… in a converted train carriage in the Hunter Valley.


Deceptively spacious, that carriage actually sleeps 8 people in 4 rooms and has 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living area with a fireplace and a deck built on to the back.Travelblog3@2x Travelblog2@2x

Inside, it’s all tastefully furnished and still retains it’s original wooden interior, doors, windows, fixtures and beautiful moulded ceilings.




Marie, the owner, takes care of the place herself and you can see her casual elegance shining through in every little detail. She was kind enough to tell me about her plans to expand the vineyard and plant a rose garden. (Where does she find the time?) She couldn’t stay long though as she had horses, dogs and chickens to feed before it got dark so I went exploring and found a lake, a cottage and what could only be described as a flock of DeLorean. They were just visiting though.


All in all, I think it was one of the most beautifully romantic nights away I’ve ever had. Few things compare to curling up in a cosy train cabin with a front row view of the stars and falling asleep to a symphony of raindrops, frogs and rustling leaves. Heaven.


If you’re ever looking for somewhere to stay in the Hunter Valley, you can find this place here.

(This is not, in any way, a sponsored post. I just loved it so I thought I’d share.)

What’s your favourite place to get away to? Share some photos… make us all jealous… you know you want to 😉