Mums seem to have an almost supernatural talent for being ahead of their time and some of the most important things they’ll ever tell you will probably fall on deaf ears until you’ve made enough mistakes to learn them yourself.

Here are 10 such pieces of sage advice from my own (incredibly mother-esque) mum.

1. Always be nice to people who are serving you food.
2. All I can say is, who’s fault is that?
3. Bring an umbrella.
4. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
5. Handwash your hand washing. By hand.
6. If you read between the lines, what most people really want most of the time is to be taken seriously.
7. Read the instructions.
8. Handpick the darkest cherries one by one. If they’re too light, they’re not worth having.
9. When in doubt, write a list.
10. Move. Travel. Try something new. Things will not always go to plan but you have to learn who you aren’t before you know who you are.

Was your mum mysteriously right all along?? What’s the most important piece of motherly advice you’ve ever received? I promise I’ll listen – really I do….